Terms of use of the online platform Carsales.ch

  1. General

    carsales.ch is an online platform of the Swiss vehicle trade for the presentation of new and used cars, campers / caravans and motorcycles of all brands Consumer by car dealers and private. carsales.ch received information from dealers about vehicles and their operation and of vehicles from private advertisers. The interested can send this information because the respective dealer or the owner an inquiry. carsales.ch allows direct contact with the provider of your choice, but do not have Internet vehicle purchase.

  2. Use the vehicle database

    carsales.ch allows interested parties via the Internet free information about new and used cars, campers / caravans and motorbikes from dealers and private retrieve. Interested parties accept by your use of the vehicle database explicitly the terms of use under.

  3. Power for prospective

    In addition, the interested party to contact with many car dealers from Switzerland and around the car found around the right specialist for services.

    Private use of the home page: carsales_url is free. When the content or images from this home page are inserted into a 'page' private, reproduced in another way (eg copy of the data on a hard disk, etc.), retired or otherwise used, authorization prior written must be requested from: carsales_url providing general information on the publication or the intended use, etc.

    All are on the callable under www.carsales.ch.ch sites offers illustrated, services, information, logos, logos, images, design, text and programs for carsales.ch or their partners protected by intellectual property. They are, unless other proprietary rights or caveats exist, the property of carsales.ch or their partners. Any violation of rights will be prosecuted.

  4. No guarantee

    for the accuracy of the information passed on carsales.ch endeavors to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all data provided. However carsales.ch assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of data provided by cooperating with carsales.ch car dealers or private vehicle and operating data regarding timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the data and for any Schreib.- and transmission errors. carsales.ch is not responsible for the contents of the database. A liability of carsales.ch related to the incorrectness of the information is expressly excluded.

    The same disclaimer applies to all controllable via hyperlinks websites to which reference is made to www.carsales.ch.

  5. Liability of carsales.ch

    carsales.ch liable to the interested parties for any damage suffered from the use of the vehicle database and the controllable via hyperlinks websites of these; insofar as the interested party at his own risk.

    carsales.ch takes away any responsibility or liability for the availability of the service due to failure of the / of the server or the Internet or parts.

    carsales.ch is not liable for damages arising from the misuse of the data and for damage caused because the database contents only appear truncated or distorted.

Stand: 01.11.2014

Terms of Digital Classifieds SA (Conditions of Use)

  1. General
    1. Digital Classifieds SA, operates under its Internet platform www.carsales.ch.ch a vehicle portal, on which both private and commercial customers in the area advertise used vehicles and new vehicles or inspect and thus in connection standing services to avail.
    2. carsales.ch occurs in this case only as a medium. The information available via the web-site where information is posted by a third party and therefore do not constitute binding offers from carsales.ch. A possible conclusion of the contract is exclusively between the customer who has the display switched, on the one hand, and the customer who has accepted the offer of this ad On the other hand, concluded. The acceptance of the contract is therefore only mentioned in the advertisement principal to speak, but never against carsales.ch. carsales.ch assumes no liability whatsoever for the accuracy and legality of the information in the display. carsales.ch is neither deputies nor the customer representative.
  2. Scope and Validity
    1. The terms and conditions apply to all services provided carsales.ch towards its clients in the portal. (For other services the carsales.ch to dealers the "Conditions for dealers" apply which can be called on in www.carsales.ch.ch amended in the Merchant Extranet.) The customer agrees with the terms and conditions for the transmission of the notification to have taken note of and agree with its contents.
    2. Any terms of the customer are not considered as agreed and are therefore ineffective unless carsales.ch has expressly agreed in writing.
  3. Scope / Conclusion of Contract
    1. In order to display in Site carsales.ch to turn, the customer must either directly or through employees or its agents (call center, hotline, etc.) register of carsales.ch (online registration). For the vehicle search on the portal online registration is required.
    2. By means of a user name and a password, which are distributed as part of the online registration will allow the customers taking out an advertisement in the form of a self-entry of the advertising text. At the customer's ads will also by employees of carsales.ch or its agents be carried out.
    3. When entering the self-display, the customer is guided step by step through the menu. There is the possibility for repeated inspection and correction of the advertising copy before release and activation of the display. If you enter incomplete, the customer is asked to repeat the correct input. After activation of the display a change in ad text is more in accordance with the provisions of § 10 possible. With the release, the customer confirms that the detected display text can be published in this form. After activation, the customer receives a confirmation of his command, the agreed term and the agreed price. The ad text is to activate the display called up via the menu item "mycarsales.ch". To reach "mycarsales.ch", the advertiser must "sign" sign previously with his user name and password in the section. The display will be at the end the booked runtime automatically disabled unless an extension of the term is.
    4. The contract for the publication of the advertisement comes through acceptance of the customer's offer (= the transmission of the desired display text) by carsales.ch about. The acceptance of the offer by carsales.ch either in writing via e-mail or pop-up or by actual performance.
    5. The publication of advertisements is limited to the respective offered form (format, fields, text volume, etc.).
    6. ads are automatically disabled after the end of the term and after 3 months of carsales.ch deleted.
    7. Private customers a maximum of 2 free listings active switch next to the paid listings. The Free advertisements have a maturity period of 30 days, appear only on carsales.ch.ch and in carsales.ch App. The extension of free advertisements for a fee.
  4. Right of Refusal
    1. carsales.ch reserves the right to reject offers from clients without giving reasons. Minor changes, which are in particular no substantive changes to the display, can make carsales.ch without the prior consent of the customer. carsales.ch will accept any offers of minors or otherwise limited legal capacity.
    2. Affect ads, the legitimate interests of third parties (patents, copyrights, trademarks etc.) or violate legal or official regulations, can be deleted immediately, without refund of the fees without prior notification.
    3. is carsales.ch entitled to rescind the contract or the unfulfilled portion of the power for good cause with immediate effect; an important reason exists in particular if
      • Credit card processing, or telephone service for the payment of the display fails, or if the bill is not paid
      • The customer Criminal unlawful, harassing or damaging activities carsales.ch platform sets;
      • The customer's information was false, which led at Bekanntsein to a rejection of the offer (eg minority) or the customer later lose its legal or contractual capacity.
  5. Obligations of the Customer
    1. The customer is responsible for the complete and correct recording of content display in self-entry and must eventual imagery in the format defined in the Menu Post in perfect condition. carsales.ch assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of advertisements placed by telephone or changes. Damage caused due to late, incomplete transmission or not suitable display means, shall be borne exclusively by the customer.
    2. The customer is responsible for the content, in particular its accuracy, timeliness and legality, the display (text and image documents) alone responsible. The Customer undertakes to comply with the applicable laws and the rights of third parties carefully. carsales.ch is entitled but not obliged to check the display on the legality as in particular the impairment of third party rights back.
    3. As of activation of the display and by the end of the booked term the customer is responsible for the maintenance display (for example, the deactivation of obsolete ads).
    4. The customer keeps carsales.ch of third party claims which are made due to the display contents against carsales.ch contends indemnify. This also applies to the costs of legal defense.
    5. he customer is obligated to his user name, password and all data which enable unauthorized access through its online account to keep secret and protected against unauthorized access by third parties. carsales.ch assumes no responsibility for unauthorized or fraudulent use of the username or the customer password. The customer is also liable for a third party to use the services of carsales.ch on his account. The customer is obligated to immediately report any unauthorized or improper use of his user name or password in carsales.ch. carsales.ch is entitled to keep records of the IP address.
    6. The Customer undertakes not to use abusive on the advertisement portal of carsales.ch available information and data. Under abusive application will in particular the use of the information and data available for commercial purposes, which are similar to the services offered by carsales.ch, understood.
  6. Rights to the display
    1. The customer has permission, free on any other in the display means contained property rights (such as image, brand u. Copyrights) to have and hereby carsales.ch have permission to use this as part of the contract.
    2. carsales.ch acquires sole exploitation rights to all ads started by her. Upon payment of the fee by the customer, including for the creation of online layouts by carsales.ch, no assignment of exploitation rights of the customer or the agent acting on his is, unless otherwise agreed in writing, connected. If the publish carsales.ch display by the customer (self-input) or acting on behalf of this agency was created, the customer hereby grants carsales.ch an exclusive and transferable right to use the publication of the advertisement. Para. 1 applies here accordingly. The right of use also includes in particular the right to repel unlawful interference in the copyright by a third party as part of the publication in its own name and from this to make claims resulting possibly also in court.
  7. activation of the display

    The activation takes place immediately after complete input of all necessary information for the publication and display means.

  8. Fees, arrears
    1. The level of charges resulting from the current price list, which can be seen "Ads" at www.carsales.ch.ch below. All prices are, unless otherwise is stated, inclusive of VAT. All fees and taxes (in particular VAT.) Are calculated based on the laws in effect. If the tax authorities furthermore subsequently prescribe taxes or duties, these shall be borne by the customer.
    2. Payment is made via credit card.
    3. In case of default the invoice the customer be charged default interest. Furthermore, the customer has to replace all the management of the claims of carsales.ch possibly incurred reminder and collection expenses and litigation costs.
    4. The withholding of payments, as well as off of claims by the customer against receivables of carsales.ch excluded unless carsales.ch is not insolvent, the counterclaim is in a legal connection with the liability of the customer, or determined by a court of Carsales. ch has been recognized. The customer is not entitled to withhold payment because of incomplete total delivery, guarantee or warranty claims, or complaints.
  9. Place of publication
    1. The publication of the ad, both on the Internet pages of carsales.ch, as well as on the websites of the cooperation partners and the carsales.ch.ch application on the mobile devices.
    2. carsales.ch is also entitled, but not obliged, the display also elsewhere, in particular by email, to spread fax on demand or telephone. carsales.ch is also entitled but not obliged to publish the advertisement in each of carsales.ch freely determinable print medium (or to have it published by a third party). These are additional and voluntary services of carsales.ch, for which the customer any additional costs incurred, unless these medial additional services were offered extra surcharge on the platform and explicitly ordered by the customer.
    3. But paragraph 2 shall not apply in the event that the customer has contracted before commissioning of carsales.ch a print ad directly at a co-operation partner, who offers as an additional service and the circuit on the display portal carsales.ch. In this case, only the respective cooperation partner contract with the customer. For the placement of the advertisement by these Terms carsales.ch find but mutatis mutandis. The customer will be informed separately by the partners on the applicability of these Terms. This applies mutatis mutandis to the case that the client commissioned a separate print ad with a partner to an advertisement on the web-site where.
    4. The customer declares that he wishes the publication of its ads solely by carsales.ch and its cooperation partners. carsales.ch can not guarantee that the information published on the platform displays not copied by other Internet providers, linked and / or camouflaged using frames as their own offer be published additionally, although carsales.ch will endeavor in as technically and legally possible to prevent an above-described copying, linking or framing. To this end, the customer gives carsales.ch now all consents that may be necessary. However, should an unauthorized linking or framing, so the customer can derive no claims against carsales.ch.
  10. Amendment of the advertising copy
    1. As of activation of the display by the customer a change in ad text only in accordance with the following provisions is possible.
    2. changes regarding the identity of the display object, and therefore another vehicle would result are not possible. Vehicle details are, however, at any time under the menu item "mycarsales.ch" changeable. To reach "mycarsales.ch", the advertiser must "sign" sign previously with his user name and password in the section.
  11. Warranty and liability
    1. carsales.ch ensured with the accepted technical standards, best possible reproduction of the advertisement.
    2. for malfunctions caused by improper operation of the client, unsuitable presentation software or hardware (eg browser), or other information storage media used by the customer, operating systems, databases, server software from other producers or suppliers, viruses of any kind or improper operation were and transport conditions and malfunctions in the Internet connection or by incomplete or not updated offers on proxy servers or by a failure of carsales.ch platform server, which lasts no longer than 24 hours inside the circuit contracted causes, is no warranty and liability of carsales.ch excluded.
    3. If the customer has to be represented by carsales.ch defective reproduction of the advertisement entitled to a faultless substitute advertisement, but only to the extent of the original assignment. Is carsales.ch is not prepared or able carsales.ch denied this, or delayed up beyond appropriate periods for reasons that has carsales.ch responsible or fails the connection of a replacement display for other reasons, the customer may covet the aliquot reduction in the advertising price (abatement).
    4. carsales.ch liable for damages insofar as intent or gross negligence can be proven, within the framework of statutory regulations. Liability for slight negligence is excluded, provided there are no objections to binding legal provisions. Compensation for consequential damages and financial losses, not achieved savings, loss of interest, loss of profits and damages arising from third party claims against the carsales.ch is in any case, as far as legally permissible.

      However carsales.ch expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for which the availability of the Internet service by injuries / server or the Internet or parts. carsales.ch be held liable for damages arising from the misuse of the data and for damage caused because the database contents only appear truncated or distorted.

    5. carsales.ch not liable for any success of the display even for the correctness, completeness and appropriateness of the thing offered for one more conclusion of a transaction.
    6. carsales.ch not liable for any conduct that would generally constitute an infringement, provided that such injury was caused by force majeure or other circumstances which are located beyond the control of the contractor.
    7. Any liability of carsales.ch towards the customer is limited, regardless of their legal basis with the amount of the contract value.
    8. The customer is liable for all damage caused carsales.ch that are the responsibility of the customer or a third party attributable to it, according to legal regulations.
  12. Right of Withdrawal / Early deactivation of the display
    1. In principle, the customer has at any time after creating the display the right to deactivate it. This will be particularly successful sale of the case, if the customer wants to avoid further inquiries from prospective customers.
    2. the customer can make this premature deactivation even lower entering its registration data. Alternatively, this can be carried out by employees of carsales.ch or its agents (in particular operators of the hotline).
    3. Such a premature deactivation in no way constitutes a withdrawal from the contract because carsales.ch has already produced its promised performance once a captured listing of valid carsales.ch as processed and released for publication on the servers. This can be done, no refund of the paid fees, not aliquot to a possible publication duration.
  13. Data Protection
    1. carsales.ch stores at time of contract, the data entered by the customer. These can be changed at any time by the customer using his access to the platform itself.
    2. The advertiser allows carsales.ch, its data, such as online advertisement and print advertisement data, including the accompanying elements such as texts, graphics, images, plans etc. on www, carsales.ch.ch and more in their own online and to integrate off-line services as well as those of third parties. An entitlement to publication within these media does not exist (see. § 9), apart from the detectable booked and paid by the customer. carsales.ch reserves the right to suspend the publication within the publication medium at any time, for any reason whatsoever, to suspend, modify or suppress entirely at no cost. Likewise carsales.ch the Insertionsdaten for further his own purposes and those of third parties, as for example, use the compilation of statistics, or otherwise publish and save for this purpose and work. The customer agrees to the direct and / or indirect transfer of the necessary for the use of third-party applications data from the application of carsales.ch.ch in the application (s) by third parties as well as the storage of such data in their database (s) to express. The customer agrees to the use of data by the third party to expressly. carsales.ch undertakes to comply with the applicable data protection regulations. carsales.ch can the confidentiality, genuineness and authenticity of the data published online by the customer is not fully assure (see. § 11). The Customer acknowledges that personal data can also be retrieved in countries that have no comparable with Switzerland Privacy Policy.
    3. In order to ensure the necessary protection of the data, the customer is obligated to keep the personal passwords secret. The customer has to bear all the disadvantages arising from the breach of this obligation itself.
  14. Links

    The Internet address www.carsales.ch.ch with their bottoms contains links to other sites. carsales.ch bears and accepts no responsibility for the content of these websites. carsales.ch Recalls that, to scrutinize both the content as well as in the technical sense (viruses, etc.) are subjected to on the display portal content carsales.ch accessible and retrievable, which are not our own content of carsales.ch. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages arising from the use of linked information lies solely with the provider of the site, which has been referred.

  15. Use of third-party applications

    The customer accepts in any use of the applications and / or online platforms of carsales.ch.ch integrated applications of third parties, the corresponding terms of use of these applications.

  16. Final Provisions
    1. All communications, notifications, reminders, deadlines or other legally relevant declarations between carsales.ch and the customer shall not be legally effective unless in writing, with fax and e-mail will suffice.
    2. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction: The contract is subject to Swiss law. The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties is Zurich. The carsales.ch but is entitled to sue the purchaser at his domicile or any other competent authority.
    3. If any provision of this contract be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the remaining terms of this contract. The parties will cooperate in partnership to find an arrangement that comes closest to the invalid provisions.
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